if you are writing songs just for self-entertainment then it is not needed, however if you are part of the showbiz music industry, perseverance is a must, there will be lot of hindrances especially with the generation that we have now where a lot of talented songwriters that are tight competitors, some other people that will pull you down and other things or challenges that will come along and will be a part of those things that will make it hard for you to achieve your goal, standing strong and proud will help you reach your dream which is to be recognized all over the world as one of the best songwriters. If you are determined to be known globally you need to have perseverance to keep you standing strong through all obstacles that you may face.


In this era to be hailed as one of the best songwriters you need to have your own brand, as what they always say if you canít beat the best then be different, easy distinction is what keeps you one step ahead than the others, but with everything or every song that you are creating you should have your heart and mind pour to it so in that way people will get to remember your song and affect them in a positive way and will remember you even after your song already way back from when it was part of top hits.